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Packaging Design

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Custom packaging design, production, inventory management, and on-time global delivery

Packaging is boring, unless it delivers share-worthy signature moments. Creating these strategic moments in the unveiling process of luxury packaging requires igniting actionable responses in the consumer through brand appropriate sensory cues. From innovative structural packaging design to manufacturing, creating socially share-worthy retail and product packaging is a matter of calculated restraint, not excess.

Threaded Merch Design Studio's collaborative and holistic approach to the creative process delivers award-winning custom retail & product packaging focused on creative production techniques, and creating memorable consumer experience. Our Creative Production team of designers create a seamless transition from design concepts through mass production by leading you through; concept development, renders, best practices, new production techniques, and material research and development. Having designed many of our packaging manufacturing processes from the ground up, we are able to truly design within the manufacturing mindset, and value engineer mass production from the beginning of any project.

The in-depth knowledge and understanding of retail business operations allows our team to deliver custom packaging design, addressing the needs and expectations of all users; fulfillment, eCommerce, sales associates, culminating with the consumer's final unveiling experience. Complete retail packaging programs can be customized operationally based on geography, shipping efficiency, and storage requirements. Threaded Merch Design Studio's easy to use Personalized Online Packaging Ordering Portal "POP-OP" provides at-a-glance corporate oversight of inventory, usage, and a premiere concierge-like representative to personally walk your team through any questions that arise.



From design to mass production our international team manages the complete packaging process. Providing support to many of the world’s most sought after brands, and mentoring start-ups poised to become tomorrow’s market leaders. Through our extensive knowledge of design, production processes, equipment potential, and quality assured manufacturing we continue to give form to the brand experience through packaging.

Packaging Production

Presenting a collection of retail and product packaging resulting from our collaborative process, wherein we include clients, agencies, and our international team to overseeing mass production at the highest levels. Our involvement listed within each example can range from structural design to supply chain management, or maybe touch upon all of our resources. We understand that every brand has its nuances, and processes, our goal is to bridge the gap between finance and creative.

Through timeline management, logistics, and production process efficiencies we can work with you to launch based on a timeline, or present realistic solutions for the needs of a specific program. Our holistic approach designs creative solutions beyond packaging, we apply our process to logistics, material production, and retail execution. We work closely with our clients to deliver share-worthy signature moments that build brands through experiences, and creating a physical connection to your brand. Find out more in the examples below, or contact us to learn more about our process.

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